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Different Types Of Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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Different Types Of Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The bikes are manufactured by different types of individuals. All are suitable for different types of tasks. The individual those love adventure with the help of bikes they should consider the MTBs. These are known as the mountain bikes and you can easily get the best full suspension mountain bike under 1000. When you visit the market for buying a mountain bike with suspension system then several options appear. These options are differentiated on the basis of types mainly. Following are some main types of mountain bikes.

Downhill mountain bikes

These types of MTBs are specially manufactured of downhill activities. In this particular way, the bikers are able to boost the speed of activities and make lots of things easier. These types of bikes are generally heavier as compared to other options. With the use of these bikes, the users are not able to climb the mountains. If we focus on the suspension of these bikes then it is between 180 mm to 220 mm.

Freeride mountain bikes

These types of bikes are highly similar to the downhill ones. There numerous differences between both types of mountain bikes. The biggest difference is related to the weight. The downhill ones are heavier but the freeride mountain bikes are light in weight. The suspension system of these ones is designed by adding 160 mm to 180 mm system. Mainly these ones are selected by the individuals for performing different types of stunds and numerous other activities.

29er Mountain bikes

The 29er mountain bikes are designed by adding lots of things. Due to it, these ones are getting lots of fame among bike riding lovers. Mainly these types of bikes are equipped with 26 inches wheels and the largest size or diameter of the wheels is 29 inches. The larger wheels are easily performing better by facing different types of obstacles. You should get full suspension system in these ones and beneficial in all hardtail & rigid conditions.

Folding mountain bikes

The main thing for which these types of bikes are considered is easy to carry feature. The users are able to fold the bikes completely and fit them easily into the suitcase. Consequently, they can carry bike easily from one place to another. By it, you can get them on the train, bus, boat or plain easily. All these things make is perfect option when it comes to travel by carrying the bike.


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