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Playing games in the mobile is become the most liked activity throughout the world. You can do wonders in relieving all the tension and stress of life. CSR Racing 2 is also an excellent game that offers delightful entertainment on the mobile phone. You can also download the game from the Google and ios platforms at free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny to the developers of the game. For extra dominance in the game, always apply CSR racing 2 cheats, who is readily available at all the leading gaming stores on the internet. 

Before playing any game on the mobile phone, it is better to get some useful information, which is highly necessary to handle all the tasks in the game. See below for the maximum Help in playing the game.

The gameplay of the game is straightforward, and you need to win some critical races in the game to get all the decent progress. There are several tasks in the game which ask you to do different types of activities in the game.
You can also download the CSR Racing 2 game, which is available at all the leading websites of the internet. You are always free to use the vital tool in the game to handle all the tasks in the game.
Finally, I can say that all the words given in the article are quite helpful in playing the game nicely on mobile phones.

Are you one of them who love addictive games a lot? If yes, then this addictive and amazing game is for you. Developed by Moon Active, this is a casual platform based game which is available for both Android and iOS. With super Gameplay this game comes in so handy with a little size and runs smoothly on a supported device. Just like many games, in this game you have to raid others village for loot which gives you a lot of rewards and let you grow your card collection.

You have to build your village in order to play this game and for your village you have to make a good defence for it and a good defence will save your village from other attacking players. We’ve come up with some cool tips and tricks to help you get better and build a strong village.

·         Try building more and more as you will get one star for every item you build. Collect 20 stars to get to the next village.

·         Slot machine can let you earn a lot of coins or you can attack any village for extra coins also by using coin master cheats.

·         Use Hammer, Pigface and Shields when needed.

·         Connect with Facebook and it will give you extra spins and coins. Once you’re connected successfully you can save your progress and play with your Facebook friends.

·         Subscribe to the Moon Active Newsletter as it will give you a lot of daily rewards.

·         Keep an eye on Spins. There are free spins given every hour. Try using each and every spin you get throughout the game and it will surely help you to earn a lot.

·         Don’t use much of your coins on buildings as they’ll do nothing other than giving stars.

·         Try building good defence first other than attacking troops as you need resources in order to make such attacking troops.

·         Collecting cards can give you a lot of hard time but earning them can be a lot more helpful and can be used in a number of ways. You can trade these cards, buy chests and much more. There are 3 types of chests available that you can buy with different amount of collectible cards.

Bottom line

I hope this works perfectly for you all and save a lot of your time playing this game.


The Fingersoft has developed the game known as Hill Climb Racing 2 for iOS and Android platform. In this game, the players will meet with several events, and each event has something new but exciting. Moreover, the bright graphics help the player to play the game more for a long time. As per the playing aspect, the gamer needs to collect the gems for several advantages. So, one can take the use of hill climb racing 2 hack for unlimited gems.


As we all know that all the games are consist of currencies and the currencies are the only thing which helps in boosting the scores and level. The currencies of the game are:


The coins are the primary currency on the game. These coins are used for buying vehicles, upgrading, and unlock new adventures.


It is a premium currency of the game. Through the gems, one can easily buy several things also use this as an advantage.


The scrap is used in crafting the additional copies of tuning. For this, you have to save one part of the inventory.


In the entire playing section, the cards are divided into two parts one of the events and another is a team. The event tickets are used for taking part in any event, and team tickets are used for inviting the friends to play the game in the team.

So, these are some currencies of the game that the players are required to earn. Through the use of currencies, players can easily buy several things.


Shooting games are quite exciting and mind relaxing. You can have great fun in them and enjoy every segment of the game. There are some particular thins that you should keep in mind. Every digital game has some sort of gaming currency that you should enjoy in a nice manner. You will be having great fun with the battles in the various characters and weapons. The best part is that now you don’t have to worry about the gaming currency because now Zombie strike cheats are available that can make a big difference.

  • Use tricks

No doubt that knowing about the various tips and tricks can also fetch you more success in Zombie strike. Every game is unique in one or some manner and so do the Zombie strike. You should try your best to unlock the various weapons. Yes, in the starting only basic weapons are unlocked.

  • Use range of weapons

Here is it a noteworthy fact that you can use a knife to the machine gun in the Zombie strike. Thus it is important to unlock the weapons and use them according to the various situations in the game. This will be boosting your confidence in several folds and you will be able to win many rewards.

  • Get more rewards

Next thing that needs your attention is rewards. Gems are the most important forms of gaming currency. But you will also need to have some other rewarding points. This is so because to do the various things there are several forms of the currency that you will need to have. For example, unlock the ammunition and gaining more heroes for the team.

Different tasks can have several demands that you should do. Thus you should better try your best to collect the different rewarding points using Zombie strike cheats as well.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 – What Things to Do in It?

Well, the game which you are talking about is created by Electronic Arts and its size is 17 MB in the starting. After downloading it, its size is increases more according to its files. It is the game which comes under the category of casual based games and people from all across the world play the game to utilize their free time properly.

It also includes in-app purchases feature in it by which they easily buy anything in it with the help of their real-life money. Also, the same game includes various advertisements in it. In the game players are provided with lots of new and stunning action-strategy adventure. In these adventures, players meet with lots of amazing, hilarious and unique zombies.

More to know about Plants Vs Zombies 2

The major thing about the game is that in it, players easily make use of the PVZ 2 Hack. Yes, it is right that players of Plants Vs Zombies 2 easily make use of the hack and cheats in it to get everything in it. With the same option, players easily earn everything like in-game currency, rewards and all other crucial things which they require while playing.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 is the game which requires more attention of the players to make good progress in it. One of the main things which gamers need to know when going to play the game is that in it they have to discover lots of plants and zombies to play it an appropriate manner.


In a nutshell, gamers need to know that all the information which is mentioned above in the article play a good role in Plants Vs Zombies 2. The more and more players learn and understand the entire mentioned things, the easier they make quick and good progress in Plants Vs Zombies 2. Moreover, there are also various things present which players need to know when going to make deal with Plants Vs Zombies 2. Also, if you are having good amount of in-game currency in it, then it becomes easier for you to play the game.



If you are also a puzzle game lover and in search of one of the best and most popular puzzle games, then you are at an exact corner. Here you find the best and a most trending game which is created by Gram Games Limited, i.e. Merge Dragons. It is the best quality game which provides the best gaming experience to its users. Players from different parts of the world play the same game to utilize their time properly.

It is the best source by which one can easily spend their leisure time playing, or you can say by solving more and more puzzles in it. Merge Dragons require good attention of the players to take them to the next level easily. It also deals with in-app purchases features by which players can buy anything which is present in the game using their real-life money.

4 tips and tricks to go through

It’s time to go through the 4 main and classic tips or tricks for Merge Dragons. Players need to know and understand these tips and tricks properly, and then apply them into their gameplay to enjoy easy and good gameplay. So, mentioned down are the main tips or tricks –

  1. Make use of hearts properly – It means that when its time to make use of hearts for any serious purpose, then only players have to use them. They don’t need to spend them normally on anything.
  2. Merge five objects rather than three – It is also the main tip which you should know if you are playing Merge Dragons. It means that in an ongoing puzzle you should merge five objects instead of three as to earn more in it.
  3. Cheats – Players of Merge Dragons can do anything or get anything which is present in the game by applying the Merge Dragons Cheats in it.
  4. Harvest and destroy more – It is the last and also some effective tips which people need to know. It means that they have to do more and more harvesting activities as well as destroying tasks also.

These are the 4 main tips and tricks about which players of Merge Dragons need to know properly as to become the best in it.



If you love the RPG games, then you can download MovieStarPlanet. It is a stunning game in RPG mode, and we can live a life of movie star. Games are very wonderful, and most of the people are fascinating for mobile games. Mobile games not need any additional remote device, and they are very easy to play. Today games are not only for children they are also for parents, so the content of the game is very important. Several kinds of mobile games are for fun, and some of them are for an informative purpose.

You will easily play the game with the help of Moviestarplanet Hack. It also leads you in the game, and you become popular. The game consists of various types of movie stars and some kinds of new stories. We can download the game by the android store and official game website. You should download the latest version of the game for a better play.

Wonderful RPG

The game is specially designed with RPG. In which you are playing a role of movie star and life a luxury life. You can do all things that live by any real star. We have a beautiful house, and a big car and the game give the chance of creating many things in the game. You can also create some new heroes and make a beautiful movie along with them. RPG is more realistic, and you can become familiar with a small time. Lots of things are in the game to do.

Make friends

Millions of online users are connected in the game server. The game gives the advantage of making new friends, and you can easily connect with them. While playing a game, you can also chat with your friends and accept some new friend request. Some hacks give the opportunity of adding some new things, and the best hack is Moviestarplanet Hack. It is free of cost and not reflects the gameplay.


Various kinds of game are available in the market with solo and duo mode, but Battlelands Royale Hack is one of the best game. In it you can play with your friends then a mode available. If you do not want to play with friends, then the best method is available. Many types of missions are available for play with friends. If you are interested in playing with friends then it is the best game for you. Both modes have different specification and benefits.

Types of mode-

In it two types of modes are available. So today we talk about those modes in detail.

  1. Solo mode– Some buddy doesn’t like to play with friends. For that types of people, solo mode is available. In this mode, only one player plays the game. For playing in the solo mode Facebook connection not requires. It means without the internet connection you can play the game.
  2. Duo mode– Under this mode, you are able to play with friends. It means if you want to play with your friend then it is the best mode. In this mode, you can create your group and invite the friends. A maximum limit of the members is 32 people in one group. It is also the best platform to show your strength in the game. In this mode, the social site connection is required. So if you want to play with friends and show the unity, then it is the best platform.


  • Benefits of solo mode-

You know that each method has different benefits. In this mode, you have a higher chance of surviving and shock. It means you can find more things for an avatar in solo mode. The second benefit is that no need to worry about evenly distributing weapons, ammo or shields. The third benefit is that under this mode nobody gives away your position by moving around or shooting unnecessarily. So that is the benefits of solo mode.

  • Benefits of Duo mode-

In this mode the huge amount of peoples are available. It means kill the lot more enemies in the group with the help of friends. The best feature is that in this mode you will receive the second life after the death. It is such a best benefit in the duo mode. With the help of friends your winning chances improve. It means more player increase your winning chances.


Episode – Choose your Story: All in one guide

Episode – Choose your story is one of the top grossing games in the gaming market and you may have come across this game. This is a role-playing simulation game where you’ve to play different stories and you can even discover new stories by different users in the trending section. There is a lot in the game and from its first day of release, it gained a lot of popularity and you can think of its awesomeness. This is really a great game with really interesting gameplay and amazing graphics.

You can never get bored of this game because there are a lot of things that you should know in order to enjoy to the extent in this game. For instances, if you get bored of playing in-game stories that are given in a limited amount then you can start playing other’s made story to enjoy their dreams and imagination. Not only this, you can even play your own fantasy by playing this game and making your own story.

Now that you’ve got a chance to complete your fantasy then you can play by making one in this virtual world which feels so real. Here we’ve collected some tips and tricks that can help you get deep into the gameplay. So let’s get started –

•    Developers of this game offer 2 currencies in this game and i.e. Gems and passes. Try collecting these as much as you can because they will help you play the game and you can’t play the game without them.

•    Gems can be earned in-game by completing some surveys and so does passes which can be earned freely by doing some tasks by using Episode cheats. These will benefit in future as gems are used to unlock episode and passes are used to unlock choices in an episode.

•    Well, when it comes to gaming it is much more needed to play better if you want to be recognized as a better player.  Try making good decisions and use gems and passes whenever needed and for that, you have to fill up your treasuries with these.

•    A variety of challenges are available in order to keep on playing these games and you’ve to complete them if you want to earn gems and gems are really important. So you try never to miss out on these and keep up your game by collecting as many gems you can in order to play better.

•    This game also allows the user to make your own story and you can get a lot more benefits by sharing and playing your fantasies. You can get many rewards if once you’ve popularized your stories to different people and once you have got enough audience then you can continue making these stories and it will make you earn a lot.

•    You can make a story by going into the menu section and by tapping on creation studios, you can easily get into the creation studios and once you’ve got into it. Now you can start making your own stories.

•    With such cool gameplay and amazing graphics and you can play this game on the mobile phone anywhere but keep an eye on the closing of the game on an unstable internet connection. So, make sure that you have a stable connection while playing.

So what’s the final verdict?

There are many games that you can play in the gaming market and one of the most popular games is this. You can play this game whenever and where ever with a mobile phone. I hope you like this guide and by getting Episode cheats.

Reasons to try FIFA mobile

There are some great mobile games available at present in which you can easily enjoy many types of sports and have fun. FIFA mobile is also a famous game which is becoming the first choice for many people in reddit.

You can enjoy various things like a professional player of football and have great fun. This is a football simulation video game which is launched in man series by electronic arts. You can download this game without paying anything. There are in-app purchases which you can buy to make your game more interesting and have great fun.

Easy to start and play

The best part is that FIFA mobile is very easy to install and you can start playing the game within few minutes without wasting any time. All the superstar players of the football are included in this game.

You will be playing a role of team manager and it is your duty to keep the team update for the tournaments. There are world-class tournaments and competitions available. As a team manager, you are expected to take part in them and have more fun.

Great rewarding points

There are beautiful rewards given to the player for every victory in FIFA mobile game. The best part is that there is no rigidity and you can stay active all the time in the FIFA mobile and have more fun.

The developers are also working hard to keep it entertaining. Thus they keep on adding new features and characters to it. There is hardly anything more interesting than moving the superstar players on your fingertips.

Smooth Moves

The gaming features are latest and provide smooth actions on the mobile screen. You can also include new players to your game by getting the player cards. There are many forms of the gaming currency and XP point is also one of them. Hopefully, you will find it very interesting and you must try Fifa Mobile cheats whenever you get time. 


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