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A career in Computer Graphics Industry

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Computer graphics can be a powerful tool for supporting visual problem solving, and interactivity plays a central role in harnessing the users’ creativity. This course will introduce various interactive tools developed in computer graphics research field with their design rationales and algorithms. Examples include enhancements to graphical user interfaces, authoring tools for 2D drawings and 3D animations, and interactive computer-aided design systems. Rich live demonstrations and course assignments will give you insights and skills to design and implement such tools for your own problems.

Some topics in computer graphics include user interface designs, sprite graphics, vector graphics, 3D modeling, GPU design, implicit surface visualization with ray tracing, and computer vision, among others. The overall methodology depends heavily on the underlying sciences of geometry, optics, and physics.

 Computer graphics is responsible for displaying art and image data effectively and meaningfully to the user. It is also used for processing image data received from the physical world. Computer graphic development has had a significant impact on many types of media and has revolutionized animation, movies, advertising, video games, and graphic design generally.

 Today, computer graphics is widespread. In order to work as a graphic artist, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in either fine arts or graphic design. You may also opt to complete a 2 or 3-year associate’s degree graphic design program; however, be aware that you’ll probably be starting out as an assistant to a graphic artist if you haven’t earned a 4-year degree.

 A designer duties may include developing company logos or websites or creating and adjusting marketing layouts or designs according to your clients’ needs. Most of your work will be done using computer graphics software programs. If you own your own computer graphics firm, you might also perform administrative duties and pursue new customers for your business.

 When you have worked for a number of years and have gained work experience, you may have the opportunity to advance into supervisory positions. With enough experience, you could start your own firm. If you’d like to teach computer graphics, you may find positions within universities or colleges, although most teaching positions will require at least a master’s degree.

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